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The Northeast School Corporation is dedicated to educational excellence. Educational professionals, consultants from Administrators Assistance, and Schmidt Associates' engineers and architects were retained to provide recommendations which will enable the corporation to grow and continue preparing competitive graduates for the twenty-first century workplace. After gathering data through an examination of operations, after interviewing parents, staff, students, and the public, and after a feasibility study of the facilities, several recommendations were made public by the consultants during the December and January board meetings.  Based upon those recommendations, the board has established a timeline which will enable the corporation to provide services and facilities critical to educational excellence.

Academic Year 2016-2017:
  • February 2017: Word Walls
  • March 2017: Countdown Test Calendar, recognize student academic achievement, research additional academic credit through non-traditional means, hire a curriculum and instruction design consultant
  • May 2017: math and language arts curriculum developement begins for grades K through 12
  • June 2017: CPF Projects, NWEA assistance and training, purchase Skills Navigator as a teacher resource

Academic Year 2017-2018:
  • all four Northeast schools are open with current grade configurations
  • provide transporation to intra-district students
  • Latch Key Program available at both Northeast East and Northeast North Elementary schools before and after schools hours
  • transportation to vocational programs
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