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NESC Focus Group Announcement

April 25, 2017

What will Northeast School Corporation look like in ten years?  To answer this question the Northeast School Board of Trustees has created a Focus Group made up of teachers and community members. The concept of this Focus Group is an outgrowth of the December 2016 report by the consulting group Administrator Assistance.  This outside organization did a detailed investigation of the corporation including such areas as enrollment history, financial data, climate and curriculum.  This report was the starting point for the Focus Group's deliberations.

The first meeting of the Focus Group was held on April 18, 2017.  The group met at East Elementary School.  The group discussed why the focus group was created and the goal driving the group.  Next, discovery and discussion took place over the Administrator Assistance report. The group read and discussed the "Critical Findings and Options" in the report.  The group then concluded the meeting with a room by room tour of East Elementary.

The Focus Group is made up of the following individuals:  Gretchen Brown, Jeremy Cox, Jenny Drake, Shawn Drake, Kara Harris, Chad Heady, Jamie Huff, Jessica Kamman, Nancy Liston, Tony Seay, Jackie Secrest, and Travis Weir.  Dave Scott was selected to be  the facilitator for the Focus Group.  Additional members may be added to the original committee.

The public is invited to ask questions, make suggestions, or to share concerns with the Focus Group. You are welcome to talk with any of the members or you may email your questions, suggestions, or concerns to dave_eleanor@frontier.com.  Any emails received will be shared with the committee.

The final report by the committee will be made to the school board in August.

The next meeting for the Focus Group is Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at North Elementary.
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